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Am I a Man or a Person ?

As I write this it seems that The Irish have voted YES to the Lisbon Treaty which further ratifies the Centralization of Europe and the End of a once mighty Empire. It seems most likely now that Lawful Rebellion is the Only way to shake ourselves Free of a Centralized Europe, the loss of our UK Sovereignty & our British Culture. Thus enter

The Men of The Land

Gaining momentum both here in the UK & Overseas is the Free Man movement & the simple words of a Carpenter known as John of the Family Harris amongst many other worthy contributors.

I feel John comes across extremely well on YouTube and has a Bulldog British common sense approach to living within Common Law & NOT under the Establishments Admiralty Statutes which are currently used to trick & Control Us.

Simply put the movement seeks to distance the man away from the Birth Certificate Registered Fictional Person that is owned by UK PLC. as a commodity, traded & acted upon with all things legal and commercial.

There is no way that I can do Justice within a small Blog like this so I'll let you get yourself further informed at TPUC it's well worth the effort and for many can be one of those Blue Pill or Red Pill moments.

Pre-emptive Statutes

For me personally the massive proliferation and enforcement of potentially UnLawful pre-emptive Statute Law is key to driving us all Bonkers and the situation just seems to be getting worse!

  • Speed Limits - You could run someone over
  • Mandatory Vehicle Insurance - You could Have an accident
  • Parking Fine - You could cause an obstruction
  • Taking Photographs of your 10 Yr Old Son playing Football - You MAY be a Paedophile
    Walking Down the Street becomes Restricted- You could bump/stumble into someone.
The List goes on & on & on on & on & on on & on & on on & on & on on & on & on

          It’s Blatantly Insane !!!!!!

          It’s even against COMMON LAW “CAUSE NO HARM OR LOSS”

          I Can NOT punch another Man because of something that he Could/MAY/MIGHT do, that would be Unlawful  & patently absurd.


          The Basic Algorithm of these Statutes are exactly the same but just applied to a differing degrees of “YOU MIGHT……” at the WHIM of the Establishment  but We haven't got a Hope in Hell of not being Slaves under the current System.

          If I hear another person say on TV or Radio “If it saves One Childs Life, then whatever it takes or regardless of the number of people who are subject to new legislation It’s worth it”  I’ll Bloody Scream.

          Shit happens – Accidents happen, we’re sorry and our hearts are saddened each time we hear of one. But we need to be MORE Personally responsible for our own choices in Life, If you cause Harm and are not insured then you will have to stand under the will of the offended and maybe Criminal Law

          Well if I had a Cat I’d Kick it .-)

          Free men of the land (FMOTL) is an Independent grassroots movement that says NO to these Statute Laws and it seems to be working, causing UK PLC a number of severe headaches Even though it's early days in the movement.

          I Don’t have the Strength of John so haven’t simply & Publicly wept, as he has, over our sad and for too long endured, State of Affairs.

          Respect & Best Wishes from me the UK Minarchist go to the Brave Men and Women who are sitting in Jails as we speak and refusing to STAND UNDER & agree to becoming enjoined to the Fictional Person that is being targeted & charged with things such as

          • Breaching the Piece - using a Megaphone (without Council Consent) – Freed without charge
          • Contempt of Court - injury to the feelings of the Judge (possessing an inactiveated recording device in Court) – Serving 14 Days
          • Attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice - putting forward a Theory about the London Bombings. (One CD with no covering letter in an Envelope mailed to a Judge) – Awaiting Extradition from Ireland to the UK & Reporting Thrice weekly to the Police Station.

          Many are freed without prosecution simply because they have Observed Common Law and simply haven't caused Loss or Harm to their fellow Human Beings.

          Many are not so Lucky.

          As a Minarchist I do not prescribe to the complete eradication of the State as do the Anarchists, I simply wish to see the removal of expensive & Unnecessary Nanny State Pre-emptive Statutes. This would go a long way towards eradicating the perceived amount of Debt this country is supposed be in.

          Having an independant Publicly Funded Lobby Group with equal strength to the cumulative commercial lobby groups would also be nice Please.


          The idea of an entire population sitting down like Ghandi strikes  fear to the very Root of the Establishment Hierarchy, They would view that as a bad thing, a very very bad thing, but as John States in one of his recent seminars, sometimes the situation gets so bad that you just want to scream STOP IT at the world.

          But if we break free from the registered person then we accept our own responsibilities for our actions, both internally with our minds & externally to our Peers, as Human beings.

          The machinery of the Establishment will not help or protect you the Man (outside of Common Law) as you are attempting to remove yourself from it !!

          It is your choice if you wish to stand under statute law or not. Allegedly many of these Laws are simply commercial Contract Law against it’s own property – The Person.

          It certainly is a sad state of affairs that it has come to this, but hey, what's a man to do eh?


          We Must not become unnecessarily adversarial with our Constabulary, always try and enjoy any encounters you may have but be weary, as like us many of them are blissfully unaware of the true power of Common Law and the Articles of the MagnaCarta. The majority are simply doing as they are told and trying to do a very difficult Job as best they can.

          To The Police Constable you can repeat the Mantra “I CAUSE NO HARM OR LOSS  under Common Law” & “How can I Help you do the same Constable?”

          To The Police Officer you can repeat the Mantra “Please Can I Leave now?” &  Refuse with an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of words to accept an Enjoinder to the Fictional PERSON that is the MR.SURNAME with an Address of Such n Such. He will probably try and Trick you & If you have money he will always try and Prosecute you, it is his Job as a corporate Officer of UK PLC & there are Targets to be met!!

          At ALL Times You are entitled to be known as your First name of the Family ……………

          It is your Basic Human Right

          Smile and approach life optimistically

          Because, If John is right - The Establishments most effective weapon MAY become it's greatest weakness.

          If you choose to have dalliance with this approach it may not be easy for you.

          You will likely be tricked, threatened, Incarcerated, have your good name smeared  and suffer many injustices for your beliefs. But I have come to the conclusion that our Children's liberty can only be safeguarded with the LAWFUL Rebellion of Our Generation.

          In Conclusion

          It seems that refusing to stand under Statute Laws could be a VERY EFFECTIVE way of responding with LAWFUL REBBELION

          Links Here

          May your Wives be Beautiful & your Children Smart

          Love, Peace & Strength to you All.

          MinarchHead_2The UK Minarchist

          A Man!

          With Allegiance to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors, according to law.

          I earn a living by executing commercial Contracts and have NO Problem with the ethics of this. my Clients will always remain un-effected by my Personal Philosophical interests.


          1. Well i see Geert wilder came into britain today woopee for freedom of speech, but all the islamics was there with there banners crying this will be a sharia country islam is coming whats happening all this geert wants is humanitarian rights as a human and there quaran as not proven as being humanitarian whats happening,?

          2. Hi Anonymous
            A minor victory for Freedom of Speech, I agree the problem with Islam is that it conflicts with basic Human Rights and carries with it a compelling desire for a Legal System & Political Ideology that is, by it's very nature, immovable. It can never be allowed to gain power in the UK. They are a crafty people & will exploit any concession to the full without any ability to compromise, a recipe for disaster if you ask me.


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