Friday, 11 September 2009

The Great Euro Con

Bye Bye Britannica 2010

I just find it incredible that many people do not realize that under the Lisbon Treaty to be ratified later this year (if the Irish vote yes) the following will happen

1] Control of the money supply GBP passes from the Bank of England to the Central EU Bank

2] British Law becomes sub-serviant to EU Law

And all of this without a referendum of the British People.

I personally have no dislike of a One World Government, but I think it's simply too soon. However It is the natural direction of man to strive to gain from the efficiencies of harmonization & Strength.

As a house develops into a Village, A Village to Town, City, Shire, Country, Kingdom thus the Kingdoms become Empires thus this becomes a NWO.

In my opinion it would be unwise to attempt rash harmonization of different cultures, possibly to the point of their social extinction without due consideration.

Yet more importantly it would be unwise to enter into a NWO without the consent of Everyone involved i.e. YOU, this would leave too many unhappy.
in order to move into a NWO it would be required that the Voting Public (if Democracy is to be used) have control over the decisions of the Law.

Quite plainly this is not the case today as British Parliamentary Control passes away to an empire that consists of THREE Executive levels -

The President (Tony Blair) -
The Prime Ministers of MOST COUNTRYS -
The European Parliament

Application of the above structure would undoubtedly remove further the voice of the Public & any sense of control over the decisions of the Law.

For this reason alone I SAY NO to the extinction of the remnants of what was the greatest Empire on Earth - The British Empire.

I Say No to Europe - Not Until ...........................well that's a different story

But I do say yes to a NWO, but not quite yet thank you !!!!!!



  1. But are we or i listening me thinks NOOOOOOOO were in our own bubble gwilliy so sit down and be shhhd hahah (not)we have been work slaves for to long ?brb gotta fill car with fuel to keep the economy flowing< oops and did mention buying the exported fuel damn oops GET OF THE GRID )

  2. Just read this, thx to

    "Re> Anonymous said...
    But are we or i listening me thinks NOOOOOOOO...."

    I'm afraid I will not "sit down and be shhhd hahah" OR "GET OF THE GRID"

    I am the 99%
    We are Legion
    We do not forget
    We do not forgive
    Expec Us

    Thx from my Bubble for the input, from your Bubble ;-)


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