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A UK Minarchists view of a Direct Democracy

The Below discusses a Possible Direct Democracy Forum Framework

Preceded by a Political Preamble

All Comments appreciated

  • · The Newest and most Advanced Direct Democracy Forum where you can discuss the activities of UK Central Government by Cabinet/Department and propose amendments or new legislation that can be escalated through the forum and be formally presented to relevant ministers by our own Lobbyists.

  • · The Newest and most Advanced Local Democracy Forum where registered members are automatically directed to their own local statistics on Crime, depravation etc. and to local discussion groups to propose new ways of improving your local community by helping you format and target your own initiatives.

  • · The Political Ideology Discussion Area where you can discuss the meaning of Libertarianism, Democracy and how you think you should be able to interact with the State.

  • · The Political Interests News Pages, automatically filtered by interest for registered members which are constantly updated with current legislative initiatives

  • · How to become more involved with the UK Minarchist Organisation (UKMO) and start to make a real difference in how much or little the state controls your life.

  • · A place to meet people like you who have become frustrated at the lack of democracy in what is supposedly, the most Democratic Country in the World.

The UKMO is a private Grass Roots initiative with no Political or Libertarian allegiances. The site is privately funded & is simply designed to give the members of our society more say in how this country is run and how democracy should work in the UK.

To be successful WE NEED YOU, we need your true thoughts, views & ideas. It doesn’t matter if you have never heard of the term Political Ideology or are a Professor of Economics, WE NEED YOU.

Please help make this initiative a success.

Of the People, For the People, By the People

****************************************************** POLITICAL PREAMBLE

The UK Minarchist


I would like to introduce you to this section with my own personal views on a particular socio-political philosophy called Minarchism.

Socio-political in terms of the fact that this subject is about the relationship between you as a member of society and the political state that governs you.

For the few that take more than a mere passing interest in this subject it soon becomes clear that this is THE most important subject one could choose to be become interested in, it transcends individual discussions of religion, politics, morality, poverty, infant mortality .....

Simply because it engulfs them.

One could argue that there is no modern day subject that has not been greatest influenced by this one subject alone, and yet most people who read this are still unsure as to what this subject is all about, I find this incredible.

Unfortunately there is great disagreement, variation and strength of conviction amongst the students of political ideology. To the layman I would say, try not to become overwhelmed with these arguments, just look inwards for what feels right for you, keep an open mind, discuss your thoughts without fear of looking stupid, because you the individual, are without dispute;

The highest regarded component of this philosophy.

Lets take a look at the Players

  • The Libertarian who says "Anyone who forces me to do things against my will, when I'm not hurting anyone, is attacking my Liberty"

  • The Statist who says "Individuals need to be instructed how to act by the state for their own good & in the interests of efficiency"

  • The Minarchist who says "I whole heartedly agree with the Libertarian, but realize the Statist has a very powerful argument"

This is about as simple as it gets, many would say grossly over simplified, but never the less it's a good starting point.

I also realize that by now we will have lost the majority of our readers, for some reason (probably because they feel they can't change anything) it's just a fact that most people are simply un-interested in this subject.

Whilst many will spend a great deal of effort maximising the amount of money going into their Pockets, they simply have no interest in how this money was magicked into existence or how the majority of this money is covertly majicked out of their pockets by Direct & Indirect Taxation.

For those that are still with me I say "The tide has turned", I believe we are approaching a new era.

Utilizing the new technologies of the Internet we intend to promote a new form of Democracy, Independant of the hidden agendas & self serving interests of our politicians.

A Democracy, where, for the first time, Politicians can be held directly accountable to their electorate, well informed individuals can be heard & the true majority can begin to shape their own world.

This, my friend, is what the UK Minarchist is all about.

The Forums are due to open to discuss the framework for a new way forward.

********************************** Direct Democracy Forum Framework V1.1

The Forum contains three main Sections & Various Sub sections

Political Philosophies

This is a general meeting ground to discuss the format, structure & Mandates of the UK Minarchist Organisation.

The Active Minarchist Members Area (Hidden)

This area is utilized by members who have decided to devote a little more of their time to achieve the Minarchist goals of Direct Democracy. Membership is by invitation only and discussions are kept private as they are of a lawful but sensitive nature.

Central Government (Filtered by Cabinet)

Each UK Government Cabinet/Department is listed here. When a New member registers he/she chooses which of these if any, they are interested in.

Your Local Community

When a new Member registers they are required to enter their own Postcode. When they enter this area the forum is automatically filtered to only show postcode statistics currently available from central government and neighbourhood threads posted within the same Local community Area.

This section would hopefully draw the general public onto the site; members will have access to Leaflets which they can distribute, making leaflet drops in their local area encouraging neighbours to sign up.

Ways to improve Local Community’s

This section will be available to all & contain guidance on how to approach Local Authorities, Community Initiatives that have proven successful etc……..

Central Government Forum Layers

  1. Each Forum section is individually layered (TLF Top-Level, 1LF First Layer, 2LF Second Layer etc..) and only able to accept a certain number of users (currently 150), when that user limit has been reached a new Layer is automatically created and subsequent users are only registered in the next available Layer.

  2. Members can graduate to a higher level if they have reached the required number of Karma Points.

  3. Each Layer has an individual Forum Leader and Deputy Leader; these are chosen by Forum members and act as Moderators & Poll administrators for that particular discussion group Layer.

  4. Anyone can propose a Poll/Resolution about any subject relevant to that discussion group and within bounds of the Minarchist Agenda, Poll Administrators have the final say as to whether to action the Poll.

  5. Polls/Resolutions which have proven particularly successful are automatically presented to a higher level forum for discussion; if the discussions prove successful then that topic/thread is itself initiated as a Poll and potentially presented to a higher level.

  6. When successful Topics have reached the TLF they are ordered into priority by forum members and then presented to the Active Minarchist Political Branch who will then Petition & Lobby the relevant ministers to try and implement the recommendations.

  7. The Presentation of resolutions to Central Government will take advantage of the Governments new legislation that forces Local Government to respond to Local Community’s (what’s good for the goose is good for the gander)

Active Minarchist Member Structure

  1. There is one Executive Leader (Currently the Founder) & his Deputy. They have one single Mandate which is to protect the UK Minarchist Movement

  2. There are a number of Political Branch Members Directed by one Leader and a Deputy. Their Mandate is to progress the recommendations provided by the Top Layer Forum, although they can individually contribute towards discussions at their registered Forum Layer they can not initiate or progress any recommendations which have not arrived via the TLF Layer.

  3. There are a number of Administration & Development Branch Members Directed by one Leader and a Deputy. Their Mandate is to supervise the UK Minarchist Organisation to ensure that actions are not taken that is outside of the Manifesto or Current English Law, They have far reaching powers over the Political Branch. Again Branch Members individually contribute towards topics, Polls & Discussions


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