Wednesday, 21 October 2009

UK Banking System in Clear and Present Danger


Mervyn Mervyn King has clearly stated today that a radical NEW approach to our Banking/monetary supply system is required.

This possibly weeks before the BofE becomes subservient to the EU Central Bank, as agreed in the Lisbon Treaty.

He offered no solutions directly but succinctly introduced two wise steers.

We are well & truly up the Creek & this Man truly and humbly deserves guidance.

One Option

A 75% State Owned Banking system owned in perpetuity by UK Citizens could be a very interesting option.

Mandate for UK homeland security requirements that NO State/Citizen owned collateral (75%) can be traded overseas

This would ensure that money earned from UK Banking sector is returned directly to that same society, maybe via reduction in Citizens  Taxes.

Another Option Anyone?


Subservience to a Foreign Power

Of course options are only be possible with 100% withdrawal from the Failing EU Republic. Without this the EU owns our Banks & owns YOU.

I hear your scream “O NO ANOTHER SOCIALIST”. There are so many interpretations of the interpretations of the Left Right Paradigm that quite frankly I’m getting bored with it.

This Country needs a radical shake up

of both the Political and Fiat Money system if it is to survive outside of the EU. So lets stop the bickering about the ideologies & just get on with it.


Although not the Birthplace of Democracy the UK is renowned for it’s Monarchist/Parliamentary implementation of it.

If we are to continue under the guise of a Democracy then morals & modern technology DEMAND that we strive to implement a framework of Direct Democracy, maybe one that is State Funded and deploys it’s desires initially via Parliamentary Lobbyists

Representative Democracy has failed us so many times that it’s time to get Radical with both the Money supply Mechanism & Governance.

If we are not to be a Democracy then someone can propose this change of ideology to the British People & we will vote on it!!

I have little doubt that Democracy is preferred.

We need to start discussing our own governance system now.


1) Full Anarchic State

100% Non Aggression Principle (NAP) enforced by a commercial military police force.

2) Minarchist Libertarian State

Essentially the same as we had 50Yrs ago with the majority of pointless thought crime statutes repealed

3) Fascist State

With State controlled commercial enterprise, either directly or via micro statute enforcement.


All the UK needs to get out of this Mess are a few good options

It seems our Debt Based monetary system has come to such a point where  the ineffective, corrupt mainstream parties have frozen in terror?.

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